Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween 2017- What You Need To Know

Welcome everyone! It has begun! Welcome to the ninth annual 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop. I am very excited to once again be hosting this fantastic month long event! There is some information to share with you, so please bear with me as I go over everything.

First off, if you haven't experienced 31 Days of Halloween before, you are definitely in for a wild ride! Each year we challenge rubber stamp and mixed media artists to sign up to be what we call a Wicked Blogger.

The challenge for the Wicked Bloggers is to participate all month by posting a project each and every day in October. If they complete the task they will earn fierce bragging rights and a pretty amazing survivor button to feature on their blog, and join the elite group of past Wicked Blog participants. We are always thrilled with the variety and talent that is showcased by our bloggers and know you will be too!

This year we are embracing the expanded the criteria that was introduced for last year's event. Instead of limiting projects to rubber stamping, we will be allowing any handmade or hand-created Halloween or Day of the Dead themed project.

Examples of projects allowed are:
Rubber or Digital Stamped Projects
Mixed Media Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Sewing and Fabric Arts
Jewelry Making and Metalwork/Metalsmithing
Written Works (Short Stories, Poetry, etc)
Holiday Tutorials
Holiday Decor and Prop Making

As you can imagine, this opens up many options for our Wicked Bloggers and their projects.The Wicked Bloggers will have their project posts up each day by 9am PST (Pacific Standard Time) for you to peruse, and to reward them for their hard work and stress (believe me, it's stressful!) any Wicked Blogger who completes all 31 days of posts on time will be entered into a prize drawing at the end of the event. This year I will be giving away one of my handmade books, and will share pictures of it toward the end of the month.

But guess what...even if you are not a Wicked Blogger, YOU still have the chance to be entered into the drawing! You can participate as a Horrifying Hopper this month and have a chance to win.

Here's how it works: As a Horrifying Hopper you must hop through each and every blog on our blog roll and leave a comment on each project. Our Blog Roll is 15 people long, so it's definitely a challenge. If you leave a comment on every blog every day for the entire month, you will be entered into the drawing at the end of the month. It's a big commitment, just like the Bloggers, but well worth it since you get to view all of the outstanding artwork each day!

Just like with the bloggers, all Horrifying Hopper comments must be posted by 9am PST. So if a post goes live at 9am, you have until 9am the following day to get your comment posted. And don't forget, the Wicked Bloggers have until 9am to get their posts up, so if you are an early hopper you may need to come back after 9am PST to see all the projects.

So, there you have it, all of the rules and regulations for 31 Days of Halloween. Be sure to refer back to them if you need to, enjoy the outstanding featured projects, and above all, have fun!!

Here's the Wicked Blog Roll:
Black Dragon
Stampendous Stamps
Lost Coast Designs/Carmen's Veranda
Airless Chambers


  1. Look forward to this every year. It's October 1 - let's party.

  2. Looking forward to all the inspiration!

  3. Let the party start! Lost Coast Designs is happy to be blogging again this year.


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