Day 4- 31 Days of Halloween

Good morning all! It's Day 4 of 31 Days of Halloween, and we're off to a great start! Have you been able to visit all the Wicked Blogs? There is some amazing inspiration to be seen, so be sure to give them a gander when you have the chance! As always, you can find the blog roll in my sidebar. If you have no clue what 31 Days of Halloween is, you'll want to visit this post.

Today, in lieu of an art project, I'm sharing one of my favorite creepy-ish photos with you. Yesterday was crazy hectic and everything that could go wrong, did. So, my project did not get finished and is mid-make. I'm sure you've all been there before...

The good news is, since we opened up the criteria for his year's event, photography is allowed. And I'd love to see some of your favorite creepy photos throughout the month! I enjoy taking a glance into the perspectives of others.

In the meantime, here's my share for today. Feel free to grab and use it in a handmade project this month if you'd like to. I just ask that you credit me for the photo, and don't redistribute it or use it for profit. Here's my little friend:

I LOVE spiders, and for some reason I am prone to seeing them near me all the time. To me they are interesting, to you they may be evil-incarnate, but either way I hope you enjoy this goodie. Until tomorrow... have a great Day 4 folks!


  1. They are definite evil-incarnate for me.
    However, I do appreciate your photography. Nice.

  2. Very interesting...when I first saw the image I didn't see a spider.....I saw a small boat with its sale up.

  3. I have a hosta plant that has bloomed. Now one of the bloom stalks is
    reaching over to a wind chime that hangs next to it. I guess a spider
    has built a web, or some kind of thin thread is pulling the two together.
    Your picture reminded me of what I can see outside my kitchen window.
    Need to go take a closer look.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Creepy is right... not a fan of spiders here!

  5. That is one creepster!!!! SPIDERS make great pictures!!!

  6. I am fascinated by the webs they weave-they are quite beautiful! Love your spider!

  7. Spooky spider!! I amy have to borrow that photo!!

  8. Fantastic photo! I love seeing their webs with dew drops on them. My hubby is absolutely afraid of them, but I love to photograph all kinds of spiders big and small and watch them do their amazing work. We have giant furry huntsmans where I live, they have the most amazing bushy moustaches :)


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