Chaos Reigning

Well, hiya there! It's been quite a while since I've been on here, and all I can say is chaos has definitely been reigning the past few months in my neck of the woods. Nothing horrible has happened, but I've found the air around me thick and heavy with the burden of grown-up life and adulting. It's not been ideal since, as you probably well know if you've followed my journey at all for the past few years, I don't like adulting.

Oh well, I digress. I hope your holidays were wonderful and that these past few months have found you in good health a happy. I enjoyed spending my holidays with my hubs and children, and did find a  bit of time here and there to work on plaster pieces for my Curious Keepers collection. You may have seen them in my website shop or on Instagram, but if not I'll share those pics with you in a sec.

I am very excited to have things settle down just a bit, and to start a new adventure as a design team crew member with Canvas Corp Brands this year. If you don't know who Canvas Corp Brands is, you MUST check out their amazing products! They manufacture several lines of products, including Canvas Home Basics, Tattered Angels, and 7gypsies, all of which are amazing to use! I'm really looking forward to playing and creating with their products, and I can't wait to share some fun things with you.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of my Curious Keepers. (Check them out in my shop if you're interested in purchasing any of them.) Hope you like them!

Until next time....

Abyss Keeper

Moustacho Star Face

Bobble Wobble Pot

Quincey Pencillini

Floren Funk Tumbler 

Morgan LaFray 


Marshall Moss 

Scallop Sadly 

Witchy Poo 

Whorl Wobble Pot